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I was sitting in my room watching videos on Youtube (a way of wasting time until the good programmes come back on TV) when I came across a vlog by Meekakitty about dreaming.

Meeka asked ‘From which perspective do you dream?’ i.e. Do you dream in first person or third person?

Her question got me thinking about my dreams, not only the forms in which I dream but the type of dreams I have, as well as their meaning. When I was in my teens, someone cleverly told me that you only dream about two things.

Things you’re worried about


Things you want.

Every time I have something important to do, or an important event like an exam or a job interview, I’ll dream about it the night before. Normally it’s a dream that has everything that could go wrong, going wrong. I can safely say that this falls into the ‘Things you’re worried about’ Category.

‘Things you want’ for me usually pops up when I’m expecting something in the mail like a letter from a job or a new phone or game.

Both are always in the first person perspective.

Oddly enough the same thing doesn’t happen when I have nightmares. In my nightmares it’s as if I’m sitting in front of my TV watching a horror movie that I’ve seen before. Weirdly enough it wasn’t like this when I was a child.

I remember a dream from my childhood:

It was about a zombie attack at my grandmother’s house and my cousin and I was the last survivors and had to get from the basement to my grandmother’s room. I remember hearing the banging at the door which sounded real enough and I remember the taste of the zombie’s rotting skin as I bit into it to get it to move its hand from the door so my cousin could close it.

As an adult my nightmares have changed, it’s no longer in first person but in third person. I’d dream about watching other “characters” deal with the hidden horrors that my dream held.

But even though it’s in third person, I still jump out of my sleep sometimes.

Well that’s it.

Watch this Space.

Watch Meekakitty’s video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgYYSLq-sXU