Have you ever heard the joke about the students who had to pay £10,000 for their tuitions fees for university? Of course you have. It has been pasted all over the news this year that university tuitions fees will

University Student Equals Debt

be going up.

In 2006 Education Correspondent for the Guardian, Matthew Taylor argued in his article that by 2010 tuition fees for UK universities will be up to £5000. Now in 2010, it seems that Matthew’s predictions were true. It has been stated that the tuition fees will be higher for university students.

This kind of annoys me, as a university student, I know how hard it is to get into university not to mention find the money to pay for my tuition. Not only do we have to deal with the rising of tuition fees, we have to deal with Student Finance, who has constantly messed up the applications of the thousands of students who apply for their financial aid in 2009.

With the sudden rise in tuition fees it seems that the worry and concern has been floating around is if this will put middle class and working class students off of going into further education. This is completely understandable. The idea that you would be pushing yourself towards something that is meant to make your life better only to leave with thousands of pounds worth of debt before you even started working is a very daunting concept to think about. I, myself have had these worries, especially when I am already £14,000 in the red with only 2 years under my belt.

What gets under my skin is the fact that we are pushed towards university, not only by our parents but by our society. The ideal that has been placed upon us is simply, to have a better if we MUST go to university. If we don’t then we are going to end up in a dead end job. How are we suppose to aim for university if it is going to put us out of pocket BEFORE we’ve even  have a chance to accept our dream jobs. It annoys me that to go to university, future students will have to either have rich parents or have to work their butts off to pay for an education that should be free. University is meant to be a way of making someone’s life better, or that is what we are told, so why do we have to pay thousands upon thousands of pounds to make our life better. We never had to do that with Primary school or even for secondary school.

And then they worry that rising tuition fees will make all future students second guess whether or not they really need a degree.

There are more things that annoy me about the idea of university, especially the stereotypes that have been attached to being a university student and there is no way I can get all of this out in one blog entry so you’ll have to seriously

Watch this space…