This blog comes at very short notice, it was MEANT to be about Urban Legends, but I think this topic outweighs any urban legend.

In May 2010 the news media erupted with the hot story of an oil spill which surrounded the Gulf of Mexico.

It isn't going to clean up itself.

As expected many people had rushed to the site to help to save wild life and clean up the beaches. Three months on the beaches are still cluttered with oil and there are still wild life suffering from the oil spill. The volunteers, who rushed to help, have been turned around because apparently it is too dangerous for them to help. On the social video networking site Youtube there is a video of a CNN report entitled, “First Amendment has been suspended”. This video is a CNN news report which surrounds BP banning the media from the contaminated site. Why is BP banning the media from the site of the clean up? It is the right for the people who live around the Gulf and could be affected by the oil spill, to know what is going on around their home. The oil spill has already affected the people who have to live off of the gulf. Fisher men can no longer provide for their families and the questions they have to ask are not being answered by BP.

The major worries surround the oil spill being extended to the landfills in Mississippi. Whatever is cleaned up by workers on the beach ends up in a landfill. Many worry that the contaminated rubbish collected by the workers may be bad for the land. The main question that has been going around is why the government decided to down play such a massive disaster. Three months on, the Oil is still pouring into the sea and there seems to be nothing happening to stop what is happening. BP has seemed to completely disappear off of the face of the earth; no one can get in touch with them to find out what they are going to do about their monumental mistake. Many have said that this is clearly gross negligence. BP has to pay a fine for each bawl of oil spilled into the ocean. Trying to stop the media from doing their job is not going to make this problem disappear. They should know this by now. The First Amendment has been around for hundreds of years and it is the right of the press to report on this incident because the public has a right to know what is being done about this cataclysmic catastrophe.

BP, deal with your problem, this is not going to just disappear into thin air. This is not only affecting the environment, it is affecting the people who have to stop their lives and they believe that they are not going to be reimbursed for this debacle.

First Amendment has been Suspended