“No sex ‘til marriage” is the most common phrase I have heard over my 21 years on this earth. It is preached by every religion and almost all parents, some religions take it more seriously than others

We are all famailiar with the rules, but in the 21st century it is clear that it has flown through the window and got hit by a bus. It seems as if it never existed in the first place. Teen Pregnancy, children born out wed-lock, and children by multiple partners. These, amongst other things, have become a normal way of life, it seems that sex has over powered society making the NSTM rule null and void. Sex has become very causal and doesn’t always have to involve love, while marriage has become more and more unpopular. In 2008 the number of registered marriages in England and Wales was 232,990 this, according to National Statistics Online, is the lowest numbers of marriages since 1895. They also stated that the number of unmarried adults rose in 2008. Is this because there is no longer a need for marriage.

Fair enough in the 1800s marriage was mostly for profit, but nowadays the profit part of marriage is gone in most cultures. In some cultures the arrange marriage is still alive and active, and they are the cultures who have the lowest divorce rate.

In our culture has sex completely replaced the act of marriage? Or is the idea of post martial sex only for one gender only. I was born of the Christian faith and because I was born female the no sex before marriage rule had been pushed onto me from birth. I’m sure many other girls as well have had the “talk” with their parents. In Jamaica, ( the country of my family origin) pre-martial sex in largely forbidden in many family because of our strict Christian back ground. Many would argue that the pre martial rule is only aimed at girls. This can be seen in the Islamic culture, a woman can not have sex until she is married. The fact that sexuality and sex is so freely open in most western cultures might mean that marriage is not needed but is only around for those who are still interested in it.

The other issue is the fact that some people who still believe in  no premartial sex, will be forced into marriage because of the pressure that sex has over many of us. A few days ago I was watching a programme on channel 4 called The One Year Itch, which looked at married couples one year into their marriages. One of the couples were an 18 and 19 year old, who were very religious  but most of their story was main about sex and how they wanted to do it.

It is clear that sex is always going to be part of our lives and the more we give into it, the more that it will take us over and we will no long have a need for marriage. It’s sad, but true.