Rev Martin Luther King Jr: January 15 1929 - April 4 1968

It is October 2010 and another year of Black History Month. As a black person growing up in the 21st Century, I always, on this day, take a moment to look back at the years before I was born. I cannot really say this world a free world. There is still oppression flowing around in the air, there is still racism, there is still hate. I can how ever say that, we (black people) as a race have grown, not only spiritually but intellectually.

Jesse Owens: September 12 1913- March 31 1980: Athlete

We have reached a point in our history where we can stand strong as a race and happily wave to our racial neighbours.

In this month I look back at the trouble that plagued us, how we showed many races that we are not lower than them but we are equal to them. I look back and smile with pride at Jesse Owens winning Gold in the Berlin Olympics showing Hitler that the Aryan is not the perfect race, there is not one perfect race, but many.

I look back at Poet Langston Hughes, writing his amazing Poem ‘The Negro Speaks of Rivers’ and I mouth the words “My soul has grown deep like the rivers”  with pride.

Langston Hughes: February 1 1902 - May 22 1967

I smile as my white friends tell me about black people that have turned their lives and together we remember Rosa Parks, the woman who didn’t give up her seat on the bus. Together we listen to Martin Luther King Jr’s speech about his dream and joke that he must have been psychic.

I shake my head and pray for those who have not accept that the world is moving on, those who have not accepted that we are all equal in the world. We are all human, we are all Earthlings and Earth is our home.

Black history month is about remembering the past and seeing how much it has changed.  It is a month for all races to come together and have a pint at the pub and chat about moving forward not back.

It is the day (February since Black History Month is in February in the US), I sat beside my grandfather as he told me:

“It is not Colour, Creed or Race but the individual.”

Rosa Parks: February 4 1913 - October 24 2005

Happy Black History Month Everybody

Peace and Love.