There is war going on, but it isn’t in the fields of the Middle East. It’s right here, in England and across Britain. Everywhere students from all over the UK are rallying together to stop one particular threat: The raise in tuition fees that have been breathing down our necks since it was first mentioned in 2005 and the cuts that will plague our universities.  Now the time has come and we are fighting tooth and nail to keep it from making our lives a complete nightmare. We are not only fighting for ourselves but future students who will be affected

The War isn't over 'Til the Last Student Graduates!!

by this threat, future generations who are just starting school, our nieces and nephews and for some, our children.

I cannot help but think that this is a way to stop students from going to university, a way of forcing us into work because there will be too many future students to handle. Vince Cable and the rest of the Liberal Democrats made promises that they might not be able to keep. They promised that if we voted for them they would scrap tuition fees altogether. They are in power but they have shown no interest in keeping their word. Just sitting back, and letting the Tories go on with whatever they want to do. So much for a Coalition Government, huh Deputy Prime Minister?  May I remind you that your children will be want to go to university one day…oh wait, I forgot, you’re rich. Never mind. A Russell Group university for them then, right Liberal Democrats? What about those who are (sorry correction), those who WANT to go to university next year, and the year after that, what about the “students” who want to go to university to a better education, those from poor backgrounds. Wasn’t the Student Loan system meant to help them?

Instead they will be living with a huge amount of debt before they’ve even found their dream jobs, well that is if they ever find a job in this recession.

November 10th is the day of battle, show your support for students, protest on your Facebook pages, on your Twitter pages and let your voices be heard.

This WAR isn’t over until the last student GRADUATES!