On May 22nd 2011, a EF5 Tornado swept across city of Joplin in the US state of Missouri. The tornado left did billions of dollars worth of damage, left millions of people homeless and left hundreds dead or missing. The media has stopped reporting on the incident, but it is still there. The only outlet for the people of Joplin has been the video sharing site, Youtube.

In this video Karakay gives an update on the destruction the Tornado has left behind:


They still need help out there, and there are is still a lot that can be done. Pass this message around, and hold Joplin in your prayers. If you live close by do you part and volunteer, if you are too far visit one of the many Charities that have dedicated their time to help those who have been affected by this devastating natural disaster.

 American Red Cross

Missouri Disaster Relief 

For more information You can Google: How to Help Joplin

(Note: Please be careful of scammers, there are those who will take advantage of your good nature, Please do in depth research about charities before you give the money or your personal details.)