Today it was announced that SOPA ( the Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA ( the Protect IP Act) would been officially shelved after the whole world protests against the bills. They have finally noticed that SOPA and PIPA wouldn’t just affect the USA but the whole world as well.

To the Members of Congress in the United States I write this blog entry with highest of all criticisms:

For years we, the children of Generation Y (1980- 1989) and the iGeneration ( 1990- present) have been told that we have done nothing to contribute to the Human Race. The internet is our contribution, through it we have discovered creativity, education, social interactions and fame. This is our legacy, we have made it our own. It was unfair of you to try to take that from us.  Like everything else in the world, the internet has it problems, of course it does, anything man-made has problems, but to try to impose two laws that would quiet our work for ever is now and will always be  uncalled for.

Yes, copyright infringement  is an issue that needs to looked at, but opening the internet up to censorship is not the way to go about it. Do not punish those who are not a part of it along with those who are. Instead of looking at the harm the internet has done, look at what we all have achieved because on it, the many jobs that have created through New Media. We are part of history now, we are the future. We are Gen Y and iGen and we are here to stay.

This post was written as I feel right now, betrayed and angry towards the country I had loved for so long. It is a scary thought that this isn’t the end of SOPA and PIPA, and that there will be another attempt to silence the next generation that comes along.

Keep SOPA and PIPA on the shelves and do you best to combat internet piracy.


Watch this space…