I spent an amazing week in sweden. Although I was sick for most of it, I did enjoy learning about  culture and the lore of the country. One we stumbled upon this when I was visiting my fiance’s family. She told us about the easter lore of scarlet thursday and blue hill. According to legend witches would take flight on her broomstick traveling to blue hill and there they would dance with the devil. After which they would wreak havoc on the town below. To prevent this every family would light candles in put them in the window they would also make bonfires outside. Upon the many things I encountered in sweden this was the most interesting. Not concentrating on rabbits and bunnies like england or america, sweden chooses to concentrate on chickens for Easter. It is a lot different from my family tradition of bun and cheese and fish for easter dinner. I never understood why jamaicans had bun and cheese for easter, but is still a part of our family tradition and will become a part of my family in the future. Sweden is also a very ethnically diverse place, it is said that sweden has a very strict opinion on immigration but from what I thought it was very relaxed and everyone was treated equally but like others I thought the majority of european countries were racist. Glad to know that that isn’t the case. Don’t get me wrong I know that there can be the exception, those  assholes who think being patriotic is the same as being racist. Granted I was sick in bed for most of the week so I didn’t go around a lot. But I did insight into the world when my boyfriend’s friend came to visit, he was finish and very patriotic but not in the least bit racist he didn’t hate anyone of any ethnic minority. It just makes you think that we’re living in a society of over sensitive people, it is not wrong to want to keep your land yours it is wrong to people on the basis of the physical appearance or what they believe it. Patriotism being proud of where you come from understanding others might not have the same freedom that you do. Racism means hating someone of the different ethnic background. Unfortunately it has been in the same boat as racism so many times that it has lost its meaning independently. All because of some ignorant asshole who can’t  get over the fact that there are different people in the world. Sweden is proud to be placed in 1 of my favorites places to go in the world. It is the place that is giving me my future husband and a great addition to my growing family. It is a place of equality a country that is hoping to make this world a better place and I had a great week. Take some time to read up on sweden you might find that you wanna visit someday no matter what ethnicity you are.

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