Lieutenant Cyndi Perth looked out of the window of the ship that had been her home for the past 7 years. She smiled as she saw the familiar bright baby blue light of Earth’s atmosphere and she couldn’t help but sigh in relief. Back home once again safe in the arms of the beloved Planet. She couldn’t wait to once again be on solid ground, feeling the sand between her toes, the gentle breeze against her cheek, sweeping her hair into her face as she gazed up at the sky. ” Lieutenant Perth, ” The voice startled her, she turned to find a young Ensign Communications officer standing there, his face was one of surprise it seemed she startled him in return. ” I apologize Lieutenant for disturbing you, but you’re needed to in the comms room, Admiral Zane wishes to speak with you.” As the young officer spoke, Cyndi sighed once again, she knew a call from the Admiral was never a good thing.
” Thank you, Ensign.” She replied as she peeled herself from the window, she gave him a smile as he saluted, then followed him to the ship’s Communications Room. Cyndi Perth was no older than 25 years old, with strawberry blonde hair, she was slender for 5’4, with blue eyes and pink lips. Her skin was a creamy pale that lite up under the artificial lights of the ship ‘Bounty’.

As they arrived she could hear the voice of the Admiral speaking to one of the ship’s technicians, Cyndi couldn’t help but think the Admiral wasn’t herself and as she stepped into the room, she could see the Admiral’s expression that confirmed her thoughts. ” Hello Perth.” the Admiral spoke as her projected image stood calmly, the red color of the hologram enhanced the look of worry on her face, Cyndi noted this. “Hello Admiral Zane. I hope you are well.” Cyndi spoke softly as she smiled, her eyes never left the Admiral’s. “I wish I could say I was, Perth. We have had some worrying news.” Admiral Zane continued, she began to pace within the Holopad. “Admiral?” Cyndi spoke up, her heart began to beat rapidly in her chest and she could feel a knot in the pit of her stomach, a knot that told her that she would not be landing home after this conversation was over. Admiral Zane stopped pacing, she stood still her eyes fell to the ground, “Two months ago we sent a small team of a explorers to investigate a disturbance in the galaxy M82, also known as the Cigar Galaxy. Through out the mission the station maintained contact with those on the ship,” The Admiral paused, too a breath then continued, “That was until we lost it, that was a month ago. Our best scientists worked non stop to find out what happened to the signal. We had a break through about a week ago but unfortunately we were not able to reach any one.” Cyndi nodded as she listened carefully, the knot in her stomach tightened as the words she dreaded slipped slowly through Admiral Zane’s lips. ” You are the best team we have, Perth, you have new orders. Go to M82 and find the missing explorers. We were counting on them to tell us about the disturbances within the system, if there is something going on we must know if there is a need for active alert. After what happen in the Ursa Nebula we can not afford any more loses. ”

Cyndi nodded once again, ” Understood Admiral, we will plan a course to the Cigar Galaxy as soon as possible.” Admiral Zane smiles softly, ” Thank you, I’ll send the coördinates and intel on what we already have as soon as possible. Report everything and anything back to HQ. There might be something useful to us. Zane calling out.”

Cyndi sighed as she stared the blank empty communications room, her heart sank into her chest, ” So much for home.” She mumbled to herself as the console beeped informing her of the pending message. She sighed once again, and returns to her room, stepping through the sliding doors which closed behind her. She settled in front of her terminal, and opening the Cigar Galaxy report Admiral sent to her, she stopped and looked out the window at the bright baby blue ball that was home. Cyndi pressed her lips together, “Massa,” She called and a robotic voice answered.

” Yes Lieutenant Perth?”

“Set a plot for this course. RA 9.56.01 Dec 69.39’35.70″ and make it quick.”

“Right away Lieutenant Perth.”