Lately my fiance and I have really gotten into the MMORPG scene. It started with the Free to Play EverQuest, continued with Free to Play Star Trek Online and now we have stumbled into the weird world of Aion. We like the game, we play it every weekend and have started playing during the weekdays,  but there are some things that we find very annoying about. Ever Quest and Star Trek Online do have their own little annoyance but they were so little that we never really noticed. Aion is completely different. So here are 10 things we have argeed that annoy the crap out of us about this game. In descending order: 

10. Spammers in Aion Local Chat 

While EverQuest had little to no spamming in their Local Chat or Zone Chat, and Star Trek hadvery weird topics being discussed in their Zone /Instance Chat. Aion has spammers, this really annoys the crap out my fiance because they just clog up the chat meaning you can never ever see what any one else types or your combat information. Yes there is a combat tab that you can change to, and there are bubbles that appear over a player’s head when he (or she) types something to you, but if he (or she) says something important like trying to explain or help you with a quest and you weren’t paying attention the spam will eat it and then you are a screwed. 

9. The Glitches including Battle Glitches

There Glitches that are annoying  because they happen every time. They are the physical glitches like if you’re flying around and your wings sudden disappear or if you’re riding the lift in Sanctum and you get stuck trying to get off. This mounts up to annoyances that means you can’t do anything, and you die or you have to log off the game and log in again to fix it. 

8. The Targeting and The Annoying Voice

My annoyance comes from the Glitches in this game, particularly the battle glitches. My fiance (Let’s call him Morphman because calling him my fiance is getting a little bit dull now) and I always play together in group and we always go after the same target, normally when you are playing in group and a target dies you automatically move on to the next closes target. Aion doesn’t do this, no…it has a voice tell you every time your target is dead, when you can’t attack a target and basically everything! . This is an annoying glitch that just annoys the crap out of me. Okay it’s not glitches but it is stupid! It means that they intentionally put this in the game and it annoying because this voice tells you everything! “You can’t attack that.”, “Your Target has dissapeared”, “Your target no longer exists.” Everything time! It just pisses me off! SO DAMN MUCH!

7. The plot holes or just the holes in Aion’s story

Once you finish the starting area, you have given the ability to fly and you think, ‘Yay I have wings, I can fly.’ Then you fall out of the sky, realising when you’ve died that there is a timer, O-o-okay.. You’re flying again going to next destination to hand in a quest, happy as ever, a little confused about the timer, but you shrug it off because you’re happy you have wings and BAM! force field! What the hell? So you land and walk through, no force field? Huh? Thinking its a glitch you try to fly, wait…what? Wait a second…you walk back out  to where you came from and you try to fly again. Hmm Yes, I can fly here. Like a fly on the window and you try to fly to your next destination and is hit against a Forcefield once again. So…wait a second? You can’t use your wings or fly in some places? You double jump and your wings come out. So you can use your wings to glide but you can’t fly? Why??? Its never explained. You just can’t use your wings in some parts of the map. I would assume that it was because you were going into enemy territory and they used a spell or something to stop the angels from flying around but it is literally never explained. You can’t even use your wings in Sanctum and that is meant to be the place where all “angels” or Deava’s live. 

6. Trading is a no-no

I get it, We’re in Free to Play, so naturally we will be restricted in some of the things we do because we aren’t paying for the game, but to restrict trading?! The most basic ability of all MMORPGs? Even 4Story, another GameForge MMORPG, had trading! The amount of times we’ve had things that the other could use but we couldn’t because Trading was restricted! That is just so annoying! 

5. Essence-tapping and Enchantment restrictions

These really bugged the hell out of Morphman and I mostly because each of us find each one annoying. For him it was the Enchantment Restriction,  this was before he knew that there was a restriction on it, he saved up all of the equipment that he collected and bought the extraction tools only to find that out that he couldn’t do it because you could only extract enchantments 5 times a day! Not only did it clutter up his inventory and he had no place to store them, which meant he couldn’t loot any enemy mobs. He wasted money trying to get these enchantment to add to his own weapons. For me it’s Essencetapping, this is annoying for one reason, some quests ask you to gather plants, objects, ores and you have to be a certain level to gather them. Say you’re doing a quest to gather plants for an NPC and you’re at level 50 and the item is at level 65, you have to gather a lot of essence to get to that point. You’ve gathered enough to get to level 65 and you’re finally ready to go hunting for this plant. you begin to gather them and you get to number 4 out of 5 when the message, ” You have used up your essence tapping of 150 for the day, to continue please get the Gold Pack”  pops up on your screen. What! There is a restriction on the tapping?! What’s the point doing that when you’ve made quests revolving around it?! You seriously have to wait for the next day to finish the quest you could have finished that day because of the restriction! 

4. The completely random success/fail system! Written by Morphman himself.

Sure, the better you are at something, the less likely you are to fail, but even at higher levels of gathering, you can still fail to pick a single lvl 1 flower.
This is not only completely void of any RL-to-game relations, but it makes no sense what so ever. You have no power over if you are able to pick the flower, or hammer the nail, or put that gem on a ring and you always have the random chance of failing, and losing all materials in the process.

3. The Looooooooooooooooooooooooong Tedious Quests 

Do you remember those old RPGs that would send you on a quest  and to complete one quest another quest will send you some place and to complete that new quest you would have to go to someplace else and to complete THAT new question you were sent to some place else? MMORPGs don’t really do that any more, its just one person sending you to go do something and you come back and they will send you to do something else. Aion’s are loooooong too long and very tedious, especially when there are people around doing the same quest and also its poor  poor drop rate. A 3 minute quest is ruined by having to wait for mobs to spawn or killing loads of mobs to get one quest item. I’m a huge Fan of EverQuest and Morphman is huge fan of Star Trek online and never have we once had to google a walk through to get through a quest on those games. Not even on 4Story, a game we played for only 2 weeks had much long and out drawn quests. 


This is the annoying of the annoying of the annoying of the annoying, the drop rate of Aion is just awful. Some items are 1 in 5 others, particularly quest items, are 1 in 150 and what makes things worse is that half the time they are main quest items so you HAVE to stick to it to even get on to the next campaign! A quest that had us really pissed off was called ‘ Familiar Foods’, this wasn’t a main quest but it was the quest that annoyed the hell out of us. We only needed three Krull rations, JUST THREE, and it took Morphman a week to find all three and me to find two. We killed over 200-300 mobs and didn’t find anything. I dropped the quest after that. Another quests are just found on the ground as loot and it sucks when one of us gets this quest and the other doesn’t. I looted a mob that had a Lost Axe Quest, it took Morphman an hour to find a mob that was carrying the quest. I also found another for a Dead Soldier Quest (That’s not the name of it I can’t remember, it was a quest that revolved around a dead soldier) Morphman never found it even after killing 20-30 mobs that were said (once again we looked at google) to drop the Quest start item. 

1. The People! 

Out of everything, the restrictions, the long quests, the glitches, the bad drop rate, and the plot holes, we actually like this game, and continue to play it. We have found a way to get around all those things, like leaving loot that one of us might find useful in a mob so the other could loot it (getting around the trading), the one thing we couldn’t get around is…the People. The people  in Aion, are the Most, annoying, selfish, rude ignorant little shits we have ever come across. You can always tell a serious Aion player a part from an annoying little toe rags that run around. When they aren’t sending you requests to join their guild or group over and over and over again. (Yeah we’ve come up against that in EverQuest but after you decline their first offer they get the hint and stopped), they are asking you to duel  and once you reject them the first time, they send it over and over and over again. Quests that would take just 5 minutes in Aion like lure quests ( when you have to lure an Mob towards an NPC to get a cut scene) is made so much harder and longer by some annoying little fucktard who is upset that you got to the mob first so they decide to kill it and  you have to wait for another 10 minutes for the mob to respawn so you can try again. If you start the game as a warrior or a scout or something that means you have to be close to a mob to start to kill it, you are fucked before some annoying little prick decided to be a Mage or a Priest and do ranged attacks and will tag the mob before you get there. This doesn’t stop when you get a ranged weapon either because if they do more damage than you, they will get the loot it doesn’t matter if you shoot first. I have even experienced racism in this game where someone asked Morphman if I was his slave. Though all of this, Aion decides to make Group Quests, quests that can’t be passed if you are on your own and you’ll need to be in a group to complete it, it forces us to play with each other, forces us to play nice with each other. Nice try Aion, but NO WAY! 

Overall we like Aion, we keep playing it because we can get over the bullcrap that’s there, a part fucking people I only play because I’m playing with Morphman, eventually we’ll get bored and move on, we always do.