We just went through the 2012 US Election, since I haven’t been in America since I was 12 years old, I never really had anything to say about it. It was really cool when Barack Obama becomes president in 2008. I was happy about it, I mean yeah 2008 first mixed race president. (Yes I say he’s mixed race) I was 19 and I remember headlines of the Metro newspaper saying ‘ America Just Became Cool Again’. However, part of me didn’t want Barack Obama to be president, for the reason I would never run for any political power. Not because I’m afraid to stand up for what I believe in, I have big mouth when I’m ready to speak my mind, I speak it. I just think that everyone is willing him to fail. I mean not wanting to pay more for health insurance and not wanting to pay more taxes to give everyone a good chance, yeah that is bullcrap. You either get one or the other, stop whining about it.

Personally Four years Ago, I was right, everyone put way too much faith into Barack, and yes I know they vote for someone because they know he can do the job. Yes i do think he can do the job, and yes I do think he’s doing a lot better than Bush did when he was president. That being said, You have to think of the facts, he is being fought against, by the people who doesn’t want him to be president, and other political parties. He is trying to make everyone happy and at the same time, try to run a country.

So a bit of advice, Barack, don’t give a crap what they say, do what you think is best for the country, you are fricking president of the United States of America, fight for the people who voted for you because well…they have faith in you you’re here for another four more years. Expect that the Republicans are going to fight you ever step of the way and remember, if they come into power, we are all screwed. Yes I mean we, even though I’m in the UK we have a Tory party which is the British version of the Republican party, the last thing we need is another one of those in both super powers. If that happens, I am going to start praying that China hurry up and takes over.