Dr Fredrick Fauna sits around his computer tapping away at his keyboard. He picks up his cup of coffee and slowly sips it, the warm liquid runs down his throat causing him to shiver as the caffine runs through him. He needed it. He had to stay awake to finish his work. It would be his master piece, it would give him the attention he deserved. Fredrick worked for 30 years as a scientist at Gemini Cybernetics, the worlds leading corporation for research into artificial intelligence, cloning and Bio Weapons. Fredrick leans back against his chair, removes his glasses and runs his fingers against his eye lids. This was another long night and he had been awake from almost a week. He was putting his all into his secret work and he was almost at the finish line.

The lab door opens, Fredrick sits up and turns, his face shocked at first but he smiles. “I thought you went home long ago.” He says to the person, pushing himself out of his seat to face them. He extends his hand to his visitor and gives firm handshake. “I’m glad you’re here, I can show off my little pet project.” Fredrick’s smile widens as he walks over to his computer and types for a second. A hiss fills the lab, Fredrick points to a steel capsule as it turns to them. The metal doors slowly open and a woman is revealed. She has blonde hair, is no more than 5’9” tall, and dressed in black and pink latex. The girl opens her eyes, she stares at the two. Fredrick turns to his visitor, “She is the latest in Artificial technology. She looks like us, speaks like us, and has the ability to learn, to adapt.” He turns to her, “ She is my masterpiece, my perfection. All she needs is a name, and I have the perfect one.” Fredrick’s eyes darts from the girl to his work station, as he walks over to it his visitor follows close behind him. As the creator begins to type the perfect name for his perfect creation, he smiles up at her, content with his work. Fredrick gasps, his eyes widen as he stares at his creation, he gasps for air but it stops in his throat unable get to his lungs. He places a hand to neck and feels the air pouring from it. His blood feels warm on his finger tips. He gasps again and collapse to the ground. His last image is his visitor. One final gasp escapes his lips.

The visitor stands over Dr Fredrick Fauna, they taps his life less body with the tip of their shoe, a smile curves onto the visitor’s lips, then turns to the find the Dr’s creation standing before them, out of her resting place, her blonde hair shimming in the dim light of the Gen Cybernetics lab, her golden brown eyes stares at the visitor, she parts her lips and speaks, “My name is Elektra. I am my creators master piece.”