Iz took a sip of her drink, her eyes were scanning the room. She opened a packet of cigarettes with her teeth, spitting the plastic aside, she used her lips to pick one from its place. She reached into the cleavage of her latex suit and pulled out a lighter. Her purple eyes looked down at the hot blue flame as she dipped the tip of her cigarette into it. She puffed twice, drawing deep on the filter and inhaled. It burned her lungs, sending a satisfying tingle around her body. Iz exhaled slowly through her nose and took another sip of her drink to extinguish the burning sensation in her chest. Licking her lips she began to tell her story:

“T’was the year 2020, Cloning had become perfect and used to help the sick, those who were in need of organs, hearts, livers, an extra lung, an arm or a leg. There was a lot of money in Cloning, Harvesting of organs proved to profitable to underground corporations. Black market. Dodgy Dealers. Trafficking. A Clones only purpose was to become cattle. Butchered to make someone else feel better.”

Iz took another drag of her cigarette, inhaling deeply, the rush of nicotine flowed through her. She exhaled slowly and continued:
” However Clones started developing personalities of their own, started living. All they wanted was one simple right, and that was..their humanity. That would never happen. So they fought for it.Trying to gain the lives that they never had. For the freedom they felt they deserved, but ultimately they would fail. One by one they would be slaughtered until only a few remained.
These few became slaves, put to work in mines on barren wastelands. To make sure that they could never have a normal life or their freedom, each wore a mark. Tagged like property. with barcodes.” Iz stopped once again, taking the last gulp of her drink. She placed her cigarette between her lips and dragged deeply. Inhaling, she stumped it out in an astray that sat before her, she looked around, and exhaled as she finished her story:

“Then one day, the Clones decided to make one last break for freedom. Their plan was simple, they were either going to die as free humans or die trying. They fought their way out and felt the sunlight of freedom against their skins but it wasn’t to last. Betrayed by one of their own caused darkness to fall once again. One by one they taken apart and their bodies sold, never to know what it was like to have the two things they wanted most humanity or freedom. The one who betrayed them got what he deserved and now they are all gone.”
Iz finished her story her eyes flash in the dim blue light of the bar. She rose from her seat and turned to leave. At the door She reached for the Transit System and searched for her next destination. On her arm you saw a tattoo. Barcode.