The Grizzly Tale of Smelly Melly.

In a Little Jersey Town
Melinda Warren can be found
Her ghost lurks ‘round this hellish pit
around the spot her body hit.

Her story is quite short but true
how she died with her heart broken in two
Her name will forever be on your tongue
because they took her life so young

It happened in July that dreadful day
The day they came to make her pay
for being filthy and falling in love
They chased her south to Mercy Dove

The Mayor’s son, whom she loved
and his friends chased her hard and fast
to the edge of the cliff where Melly let out a breath that was her last

A Twist, a taunt, a tumble and over she went
hitting the ground with a rumble
And that was the end of Melinda Warren
I’m afraid to say its true.

But if you ever in Orange New Jersey this is what you should do.
Go to the cliff and read the sign on her grave:

“Melly Melly Oh dear Melly
People gaged for your were smelly
Met your end for a guy,
for his love you surely died
Even though your death was grim
you should have known you couldn’t have him
Now you’re bured gone for good
hope you don’t come back