My name is Kennie  Morrison and at 22 years old I am proud to say that I am a Trainee Journalist.  I’ve been writing since I was 14 years old and since then I have not stopped. I don’t really think I can stop.  I just finished Nottingham Trent University, where I studied Media with Journalism Studies, leaving with a very proud 2.2. I am currently looking into Journalism jobs/Work experience as well as going back to university to do my Masters in Journalism ( and hopefully Marketing).

The idea for Kennie’s Mind came to me while I was doing research for my Dissertation. I was searching through new paper articles and news website for the perfect story to spark an idea for my final piece of work.  While doing this I started to think about all the topics I came across and found that I had a quite strong opinion for these topics (thank you Media and Culture).

Kennie’s Mind is not only a way for me to vent about random things that I find amazing and/or annoying, but it gives me an excuse to practice my journalistic writing skills, a practice my lecturer kept telling me that I needed.

My experience in Journalism and within the Media so far has been:

Work Experience


Work Description

NV Life Magazine

Virtually Linked

2011- Present


Freelance Life Style Writer for Online  Magazine

Temporary Public Relation; working via social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook; Blogging sites and

The Torch SL Guide

2011- Present

Co- Creator, Editor, Senior writer of blog and magazine in the Virtual World of Second Life

Nottingham Trent University’s Platform Magazine


News & Feature Editor for university magazine

FreshTies Online Newspaper/ The Fresh Outlook


Volunteer writer, feature writer; doing interviewsand writing feature articles

Ouch Magazine


Student feature writer; writing articles, reviews; doing interviews, event management for youth magazine

DMU (Digital Media Unit): Summer University

2007 -2008

Script writer, event management

YCTV (Youth Culture Television)

2007- 2008

Trainee/Student Producer

Ealing and West London College: XD Magazine


College student magazine; writing articles, doing interviews and reviews

Sunday Express Magazine (part -time

Summer 2007

Trainee Writer for Lifestyle and Fashion Section

Teenz Voice


Student writer; writing music reviews for teen magazine

Well that’s it…

Watch this space….