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Depending too much on Pills and Syrups? There are alternatives.

Have you heard of the cautionary tales of Donna Bishop, the woman who overdosed after taking self medicated drugs? Or the tales of the millions of people who are addicted to pain killers? What about the story of people becoming addicted to cough medicine?

To clear things up, Donna Bishop’s sad story is not a cautionary tale but an unfortunately event. According to the Miss Bishop, after feeling poorly took Paracetamol pills then drunk a cup of Lemsip. Also though it may seem impossible, but a lot of people in Britain and all around the world are addicted to pain killers, and it also seems that we have become a nations that have become so depend on over the counter medication that we do not see the dangers that we put ourselves in from time to time. There are a few questions that need to be asked, such as, can we live without modern medicines such as pain killers or have we become so dependent on them that we can not live with out them? And do we need to look out for legal drugs as much as illegal ones when some individuals abuse them so much? And have our dependence on medicine blind us to the dangers that come with taking pills and other medication?

Scientists have explained that there are certain ingredients in pain killers and cough medicines that can actually be quite addictive, if taken in a large doses or frequently. This ingredients are called Condiene also known as Promethazine which can be found in paracetamol pain killers such as Nurofen and other helpful over the counter products. While this is a major factor of what is opened to us, another is whether or not we have gotten to a point where we don’t think about the consequences of not taking the right dose. Normally we all take, when we have a headache, two tablets in a day then our headache goes away, this isn’t the same for Chris Carlsson, a 25-year-old Student, who has had chronic headaches since he was 13 years old. He has at least 5 different kinds of medications. One to help with his pain which he takes twice daily, an over the counter brand, another morphine like which has a side effects, therefore he has to take another set of pills to deal with the side effects and a vitamin pill every day to help keep the other 4 under control. He comments that he could live with taking his meds but it would be rather painful while others might not be so lucky. He thinks that a normal headache is caused by many reasons and that we should try alternatives before finally using over the counter medicines. “Some medication we can’t live without, we shouldn’t take too many, but we use it within reason. It is the reason why we have them.” Goes on to comment that, “ We need to watch out for everything in the topic of drug abuse and accidental overdose. We need to look at what we are taking, read the instructions if you’re not sure, it is really hard to OD if you’ve read the label properly.”

I don’t think that we have been blinded by our dependence, those who know how to take meds take them properly and those who aren’t really use to it or haven’t been taught how to use it are the ones that might be blinded by it and put themselves in danger.”

It seems that there are many alternative medicine to our conventional medicines. Home made remedies are equally advised while searching for help sites online. Acupuncture, herbs, vitamins and minerals, according to the online side MayoClinic, offer some relief to those who are suffering from headaches. For those who don’t want to rely on modern medicine to help them get rid of a cold do it the ‘natural’ way. While searching the web for experts and alternative remedies, a website called Web MD, gave clear and helpful hints on how to get rid of a cold. From drinking plenty of liquids to how to steer away from getting a sore throat. These websites as well as a quick visit to your local GP should help you feel better in no time. 


Debate on Violent Video Games and Free Speech with Aaron Killingbeck…Who do you think won this one?

I am way to busy with my dissertation and my editorial duties at my University’s magazine, especially after we came back from the National Union of Students Media Summit a few days ago. A blog on the death penalty will be up in a few days, but for now, here is a conversation between Aaron Killingbeck and I. Aaron is a very good friend of mine and because we sometimes have different views on certain topics I can always count on him to give me a run for my money on Window Messenger Live. Here is our conversation on Violent Video Games

Manhunt 2 & Free Speech vs the people and the press.

and Free Speech.

(Please note that there are a few grammer and spelling mistakes, I just copy and pasted the rare conversation sorry about that. Too busy to edit.)

Kennie says:

Hi What’s up?

Aaron says:

Nothin’ Yourself?

Kennie says:

Not a lot just watching Manhunt 2 and makin’ some notes for my dissertation.

Aaron says:

*nods* too bad you’ve gotta watch crap like that…

Kennie says:

actually my dissertation is defending crap like this.

can I ask you a quetion?

Aaron says:

oh? sure

Kennie says:

Why do you think its Crap?

Aaron says:
given the content of the game and the point of it, it’s really no different than GTA or games like that…violence and gore for the sake of it…
Kennie says:
What is SAW Franchise, Hostel, Wolf Creek.
Gore for the sake of it.
Aaron says:
true, but those are movies where parents aren’t likely to let their kids get into them.  With games most parents don’t look too carefully at them so the kids can get ideas from it…
Kennie says:
Well that is their fault isn’t it.
If you are going to buy your kids their own game and not look properly at the box, why are you going to blame the game indsutry.
The Game industry clearly label their produces just like films.
Aaron says:
true, but there should be standards…like everyone wants free speech but they don’t like the responsibility that goes with it as well
Kennie says:
That’s like knowning that your kid as an alergy to nuts and because you didn’t look at the candy bar properly and you let them eat it your going to blame the candy bar company when they get sick.
Games like these are clearly adults Only, and they have been labeled that way, if you don’t like games like Manhunt 2 then don’t play the same. No one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to play it.
It’s like Saw, I don’t like to Saw Franchise which means I’m not going to see it when it comes out in the cinema no one is putting a gun to my head and forcing to watch all the gore.
But other people do like it, if I’m not going to ruin their fun just because I don’t like it.
Aaron says:
true, I agree with not being there being a nanny type state or regulations, but at the same time there is also a point where one can push something too far…say I made a game where the main objective was to kill and torture everyone in there in a unique and graphic fashion, and have plenty of women in there as well and give bonus points for the game if you rape her repeatedly before finishing her
off, if we can do gore like that why not do things like that as well?  Where does it stop?  when does it not become acceptable to do things like that and actually have some limits on what can and cannot be done?
Kennie says:
What game is that?
Aaron says:
none that I know of, but I’m just giving an example for the sake of arguement
Kennie says:
But their are movies like that, and they are mostly about torturing someone, forcing people to kill themselves and those aren’t being banned.
There isn’t any commotion about that.
A child is move likely to follow what they see in a movie than a vide game, a movie a lot more realistic than a video game bcause there are actual people toturing each other.
Aaron says:
true, but in a game they get to do it themselves and put themselves in the position of doing it…it’s much different psychologically than watching it
Kennie says:
Which comes back to the “Don’t let them play it” Part of the Argument.
Aaron says:
*nods* but like I said when does the point come where enough is enough?

Does Free Speech and Freedom of express really exist? And why is it over for some and not for others?

Kennie says:
There is never be a point of enough is enough.
It’s called Free Will, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of expression.
there is only so much that the media regulators can regulate.
Aaron says:
so does it have to be where enough people are revolted enough they say enough?  True, but with freedom comes responsibility
Kennie says:
and Our generation is become alot more desenisised to violence because we are growing up in that kind of world.
All you can do is keep your kids away from it until its time for them to understand that side of the world.
Aaron says:
true…and a lot of it is with parents and people being told they don’t need to take responsibility for themselves…that nothing is their fault…they don’t need to act like an adult they can act like a kid and no one will hold them to account…anything that goes wrong is someone elses fault never theirs…
I agree that people should be aware of violence in the world, but it doesn’t need to be constantly advertised and glorified every time we turn around as well
Kennie says:
I hope you san say that about sex.
Yeah what about sex?
No one is ayin’ that about sex but apparently sex sells doesn’t it?
Aaron says:
true, but they do have laws where you can’t show it every day and throw it in everyone’s face either
Kennie says:
to be honest I haven’t seen any violent game advertising on TV, and what about the news they throw violence into our face, People being raped, Murdered, War, Famine.
Aaron says:
true, I think there should be some limits on free speech, but they should be very carefully placed
Kennie says:
Free Speech not be regulated, if you stop one person from saying something then you’ll have to stop someone else from saying something and before you know it your living a lock down society.
It can not be regulated everyone has their opinions we just have to get over it and move on.
I don’t like it when someone calls me the N-word, but its their opinion of me, all I can do be stay humble, get over it and move on.
Aaron says:
*nods* then maybe people should start taking personal responsibility for themselves and not get a pass for misbehavior by others who give them a pass by saying “It’s their culture” or “They were oppressed decades or centuries ago, they’re just acting it out” stuff like that.
Maybe they also need to start questioning when they make these movies and games, “Do I want kids to see something like that?” or “Do I want to be known for making things that are gory, or full of sex scenes?” if the answer is yes then they have to live with it, if they whine about it later, people should say, you made the choice, deal with the consequences…they shoudl have thought about it
before they went and did that
Kennie says:
Exactly, Rockstar is living with the decision they make, but they are makin’ games for adult entertainment not for children. I thknk part of this is because many people still see video games has something children pay with and not someone adults would be interested in at all, when it have obviously evovled into something that adults are beginning to enjoy.

Aaron says: if you’re interested, I think it’s very accurate for personal responsibility

I think I can fairly say that I might have won this one, but what do you think? Do you think that we both made valid points on both sides?

The Media, Woman (and Men) And Their Bodies aka The Media said I should look like Her/ him, but I don’t.

All week I have been looking for another topic for Kennie’s Mind, but there was nothing that really stuck out to me.

That is until I saw this: ‘A recent study showed that 9 out of 10 women would like to change something about their physical appearance? And only 2% of women think they are beautiful? What is going on?’ –Tonya L

This is the facebook status of an old elementary/middle school class mate; this status struck a chord with me and I just had to write about it. First I will answer her question; the media is what is going on, as well as men, but before all the men out there start shouting, let me explain. In our daily lives we are bombarded with different images of what women should look like. Sorry, not only women but what men should look like as well. Magazines, Movies, and TV programmes all feature women with the “perfect body” (Sorry and men as well). This has had a huge affect on women (and men) in modern society. Every woman would love to have the Size 0 shape like Posh Beckham, and Paris Hilton. All men would love the slender 6 pack, like Taylor Lautner and Dwayne Johnson. Many people do go the extreme to achieve these body types.

Who would you rather be?

One of the main problems that many people come cross while trying to reach that impossible size zero is an eating disorder, two of the well known eating disorders are Anorexia and Bulimia, which affects mostly women but can affect men as well. The USA’s National Eating Disorders Association, claim that up to 10 Million females as well as 1 million males will struggle with eating disorders. The Alliance of Eating Disorders Awareness states that, at least 50,000 individuals will die as a direct result of an eating disorder.

A simple price to pay for size zero isn’t it and that was the USA.

For the UK it seems that eating disorders only affect women and girls, The Royal College of Psychiatrists state Girls and woman are 10 times more likely than boys and men to suffer from Anorexia or Bulimia. What I find completely irritating is the fact that the people that we are trying to look like are putting themselves through this as well, and by doing this is saying that it is the right thing to do. People like Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton amongst other celebrities are putting themselves through the eating disorders, and coming out look like skeletons because they think that what beauty looks like.

Another topic I would like to touch on is the fact that now appearance means everything, and if you say that appearance means nothing you are bullshitting yourself. Men would rather pick a supermodel than a fat

The "Perfect" Male body

chick, and women would rather have a hunky man with a six pack than one with a keg (big beer belly). The Media makes us think that, THAT is what our partners should look like and we are killing ourselves to look like that because we are worried that we won’t get a job or a man (or woman) if we were a few pounds overweight, if we have small breasts, few wrinkles or a big tummy.

Now onto the subject of plastic surgery, I’m so sick and tired of hearing the over used excuse of “I’m just doing it to feel good about myself.” You don’t need plastic surgery to feel good about yourself. You are making what other people think about you cloud your judgement. If you get plastic surgery and it completely fails or something goes wrong, you are the one who will be living with the results of that, not anyone else.

Arden Smith, a rather annoying but sensible person, commented on the facebook status saying that, “It is the way we programmed by the media, we are told that being big and out of the ordinary is bad. It is the same way us (men) have been programmed to think.”

To which I replied, “And it is the willingness of men (and women) to not fight the media and what it is doing to us which will be our demise.”

She has to live with this forever, would you?