It is 2 am and I’m up watching the American remake of the 2004 Thai film Shutter. Is it me or do theAmerican Remake of Shutter (2008) American remakes of Asian films never able to live up to their counterparts? Today my sister in law and I were watching the America remake of The Eye (2002)

as well as One Missed Call (2004). I enjoyed The Eye and One Missed Call but they definitely do not live up the standards set by their predecessors. Although One Missed Call did have me humming to its creepy ringtone for most of the day.

De dum a dum, de Dum a dum

These movies sparked a rather interesting conversation between my sister in law and I, when I commented that the movie (One Missed Called) wasn’t scary at all, while the original was monumentally messed up.

“How could this not be scary?” asked my sister in law looking at her laptop intently as she played Farmville.

“Because the American version is toned down compared to the Japanese version.” I replied with a subtle smug look on my face.

“Japanese horror movies are severely scary in their own right, especially their movies which surround idea of torture.” I explained, looking up at the TV screen to see the actress Shannyn Sossamon whispering to a burnt corpse not to kill her. (Spoiler Alert)

My sister in law became very curious by this statement and asked for evidence of this. I used the 1999 cult classic Audition as an example. I explained the plot of the story, including a specific scene in which the

antagonist vomits into a dog dish and feeds it to her hungry and mistreated prisoner (Spoiler Alert), as well as the reception the movie gained by its audience.

“I so want to watch this movie!” exclaimed my brother’s excited girlfriend.

“Indeed.” I replied

Suddenly I thought about another Japanese movie I came across which really scared the shit out of me.

“Another example of the Japanese being completely bad ass is Uzumaki (2000).” I stated remembering the movie that caused my week and half of insomnia in college.

“ What is that about?” Asked my curious sis in law.

Once again I told her the plot of the movie, as well as showing her a trailer I found on


But this time I stated a warning, “D, this movie is so fucked up, even the manga it is based on is seriously screwed up. “I googled for the manga and sent it to her via facebook while I said, “if you can handle the manga, then you can handle the movie.”

“Easy!” She exclaimed.

I smirked and shook my head, “It won’t be. It took me 3 weeks to read it because it was so fuckin’ screwed up and I live for horror movies. “

“Shit.” Whispered my sister in law pausing for a moment, and then quickly took the easier option of using Wikipedia to feed her curiosity.

Well that’s it for this week….

Watch this Space.