The Grizzley Tale of Smelly Melly

The Grizzly Tale of Smelly Melly.

In a Little Jersey Town
Melinda Warren can be found
Her ghost lurks ‘round this hellish pit
around the spot her body hit.

Her story is quite short but true
how she died with her heart broken in two
Her name will forever be on your tongue
because they took her life so young

It happened in July that dreadful day
The day they came to make her pay
for being filthy and falling in love
They chased her south to Mercy Dove

The Mayor’s son, whom she loved
and his friends chased her hard and fast
to the edge of the cliff where Melly let out a breath that was her last

A Twist, a taunt, a tumble and over she went
hitting the ground with a rumble
And that was the end of Melinda Warren
I’m afraid to say its true.

But if you ever in Orange New Jersey this is what you should do.
Go to the cliff and read the sign on her grave:

“Melly Melly Oh dear Melly
People gaged for your were smelly
Met your end for a guy,
for his love you surely died
Even though your death was grim
you should have known you couldn’t have him
Now you’re bured gone for good
hope you don’t come back



The Five Girls: Iz

Iz took a sip of her drink, her eyes were scanning the room. She opened a packet of cigarettes with her teeth, spitting the plastic aside, she used her lips to pick one from its place. She reached into the cleavage of her latex suit and pulled out a lighter. Her purple eyes looked down at the hot blue flame as she dipped the tip of her cigarette into it. She puffed twice, drawing deep on the filter and inhaled. It burned her lungs, sending a satisfying tingle around her body. Iz exhaled slowly through her nose and took another sip of her drink to extinguish the burning sensation in her chest. Licking her lips she began to tell her story:

“T’was the year 2020, Cloning had become perfect and used to help the sick, those who were in need of organs, hearts, livers, an extra lung, an arm or a leg. There was a lot of money in Cloning, Harvesting of organs proved to profitable to underground corporations. Black market. Dodgy Dealers. Trafficking. A Clones only purpose was to become cattle. Butchered to make someone else feel better.”

Iz took another drag of her cigarette, inhaling deeply, the rush of nicotine flowed through her. She exhaled slowly and continued:
” However Clones started developing personalities of their own, started living. All they wanted was one simple right, and that was..their humanity. That would never happen. So they fought for it.Trying to gain the lives that they never had. For the freedom they felt they deserved, but ultimately they would fail. One by one they would be slaughtered until only a few remained.
These few became slaves, put to work in mines on barren wastelands. To make sure that they could never have a normal life or their freedom, each wore a mark. Tagged like property. with barcodes.” Iz stopped once again, taking the last gulp of her drink. She placed her cigarette between her lips and dragged deeply. Inhaling, she stumped it out in an astray that sat before her, she looked around, and exhaled as she finished her story:

“Then one day, the Clones decided to make one last break for freedom. Their plan was simple, they were either going to die as free humans or die trying. They fought their way out and felt the sunlight of freedom against their skins but it wasn’t to last. Betrayed by one of their own caused darkness to fall once again. One by one they taken apart and their bodies sold, never to know what it was like to have the two things they wanted most humanity or freedom. The one who betrayed them got what he deserved and now they are all gone.”
Iz finished her story her eyes flash in the dim blue light of the bar. She rose from her seat and turned to leave. At the door She reached for the Transit System and searched for her next destination. On her arm you saw a tattoo. Barcode.

The Five Girls: No’rth

The music of the club beamed through the air as the crowd danced in sync to the smooth beat. Nor’th smiled as she watched them. She could feel every thump of the bass running through her finger tips. She closed her eyes and began to sway, music was her passion and this was her place of worship. It was her first job as a Dj and she loved every second it. Nor’th moved her body, a slender 5’5 in a black and yellow suit, her hair was jet black,a piercing smile spread across her creamy light yellow face. As the song came to an end she opened her hazel eyes, which shone in the light of the club, she could see the crowd through her mask. Thousands of Landerians came to see her play. Most were teenagers, who left the comfort of home just to experience life without rules.

An amazing night came to an end, and as she packed her equipment away she watched the crowd spill out of the club. No’rth couldn’t help but chuckle to herself as she disassembled the vintage Neumark NS6 Digital Controller she received as a gift from her father’s visit to the planet Earth. He was the ambassador of Lander which meant he was away on business for cycles at a time, but he would always make up for it when he returned, bringing musical instruments or primitive tech which No’rth would add to her growing collection. She loved it, it was her thing, other female Landerians would join the Imperial Fleet, serve for a few three or four cycles then settle down with a nice male and have a family, but No’rth wanted more, she wanted her music. Her bits and bobs of old computer parts, or ship debris that she could spend hours on and make into something completely new. “Oidhche mhath, No’rth,” a voice creeped over her shoulder. No’rth turned smiling and leapt into the arms of the stranger, ” Ceud mìle fàilte, papa!” She hugged him tightly, “When did you get back?” Sa’vth, her father looked up on his daughter with a surprise. ” When did you learn to speak Earthian?” No’rth giggled ” I took lessons while you were away, I was afraid that since you were away for a very long time, that you might have forgotten our native tongue.”
Sa’vth’s surprised expression changed to one of pride as hugged his daughter tightly. Once they parted, No’rth finished packing her equipment away, and both father and daughter traveled to get the last Shuttle back down to the city. Club Orbit was once a part of an Imperial security station put in place to protect the planet during the Ursa Nebula war. This station was one of many, and once the war ended the others became schools used to train those who had joined the Imperial Fleet.

No’rth looked up at her father as they settled into the shuttle. As she scanned his face she noticed scars and lumps that weren’t there the last time she saw him. She took it in, every lump, and scar from ear to ear, from forehead to chin. She quickly looked away when she noticed he was watching her from the corner of his eye. He placed his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close, ” I have missed you No’rth.” Sa’vth spoke softly, ” I can not believe how much you have grown, the last time i saw you, you were not higher than my waist and now, you are a woman. It has gone back so fast.” No’rth smiled snuggling into her father’s safe arms. ” Have you thought about joining the Imperial Fleet?” No’rth’s face fell and as she pulled away from her father she shook her head. Sa’vth sighed, ” No’ra. I have watched you over the years, you possess the ability to fix old technology that is not native to our world and make them work to your advantage,. ” He paused, held his daughter’s hand and continued, ” You have skills that would be useful to the Fleet, they need your ability.”

No’rth bit her lip, it was her father’s dream for her to follow in his foot steps and become a part of the Lauderian council. ” Tha mi duilich, Papa,” She spoke up, ” But that was not what I wanted. I enjoy what I do now.” Sa’vth’s expression hardened, “Distributing noise among the young is not a good career for a young lady.’ He scowled at her, ” You have an amazing skill that will be used for something practical.” He looked up at the door of the shuttle as it began to land, ” For this reason, from tomorrow morning, you will start work on an Imperial ship. I got in touch with Admiral Aug’ca when I arrived home and he said there was still space available on his ship the ‘Pier’. “

No’rth stared at her father in disbelief, she shook her head, “But papa I…” She began but her father’s voice boomed within the shuttle, ” No, No’rth!” He rose to his feet and looked over his shoulder, ” that is final.”

The shuttle doors opened and Sa’vth walked through them.

No’rth stood up, a sad sigh escaped her lips, inhaling she held back the tears.

“Yes, sir.” She replied as the door closed.

No’rth’s eyes opened, the light of the room shone through her mask, she squinted as her vision slowly came back, ” Ma’m No’rth Happy 26th birthday” Said a voice. “A-are you okay?”

“Yes.” She replied. ” Just had a bad dream.”

The Five Girls: Elektra

Dr Fredrick Fauna sits around his computer tapping away at his keyboard. He picks up his cup of coffee and slowly sips it, the warm liquid runs down his throat causing him to shiver as the caffine runs through him. He needed it. He had to stay awake to finish his work. It would be his master piece, it would give him the attention he deserved. Fredrick worked for 30 years as a scientist at Gemini Cybernetics, the worlds leading corporation for research into artificial intelligence, cloning and Bio Weapons. Fredrick leans back against his chair, removes his glasses and runs his fingers against his eye lids. This was another long night and he had been awake from almost a week. He was putting his all into his secret work and he was almost at the finish line.

The lab door opens, Fredrick sits up and turns, his face shocked at first but he smiles. “I thought you went home long ago.” He says to the person, pushing himself out of his seat to face them. He extends his hand to his visitor and gives firm handshake. “I’m glad you’re here, I can show off my little pet project.” Fredrick’s smile widens as he walks over to his computer and types for a second. A hiss fills the lab, Fredrick points to a steel capsule as it turns to them. The metal doors slowly open and a woman is revealed. She has blonde hair, is no more than 5’9” tall, and dressed in black and pink latex. The girl opens her eyes, she stares at the two. Fredrick turns to his visitor, “She is the latest in Artificial technology. She looks like us, speaks like us, and has the ability to learn, to adapt.” He turns to her, “ She is my masterpiece, my perfection. All she needs is a name, and I have the perfect one.” Fredrick’s eyes darts from the girl to his work station, as he walks over to it his visitor follows close behind him. As the creator begins to type the perfect name for his perfect creation, he smiles up at her, content with his work. Fredrick gasps, his eyes widen as he stares at his creation, he gasps for air but it stops in his throat unable get to his lungs. He places a hand to neck and feels the air pouring from it. His blood feels warm on his finger tips. He gasps again and collapse to the ground. His last image is his visitor. One final gasp escapes his lips.

The visitor stands over Dr Fredrick Fauna, they taps his life less body with the tip of their shoe, a smile curves onto the visitor’s lips, then turns to the find the Dr’s creation standing before them, out of her resting place, her blonde hair shimming in the dim light of the Gen Cybernetics lab, her golden brown eyes stares at the visitor, she parts her lips and speaks, “My name is Elektra. I am my creators master piece.”

Barack: Four More Years

We just went through the 2012 US Election, since I haven’t been in America since I was 12 years old, I never really had anything to say about it. It was really cool when Barack Obama becomes president in 2008. I was happy about it, I mean yeah 2008 first mixed race president. (Yes I say he’s mixed race) I was 19 and I remember headlines of the Metro newspaper saying ‘ America Just Became Cool Again’. However, part of me didn’t want Barack Obama to be president, for the reason I would never run for any political power. Not because I’m afraid to stand up for what I believe in, I have big mouth when I’m ready to speak my mind, I speak it. I just think that everyone is willing him to fail. I mean not wanting to pay more for health insurance and not wanting to pay more taxes to give everyone a good chance, yeah that is bullcrap. You either get one or the other, stop whining about it.

Personally Four years Ago, I was right, everyone put way too much faith into Barack, and yes I know they vote for someone because they know he can do the job. Yes i do think he can do the job, and yes I do think he’s doing a lot better than Bush did when he was president. That being said, You have to think of the facts, he is being fought against, by the people who doesn’t want him to be president, and other political parties. He is trying to make everyone happy and at the same time, try to run a country.

So a bit of advice, Barack, don’t give a crap what they say, do what you think is best for the country, you are fricking president of the United States of America, fight for the people who voted for you because well…they have faith in you you’re here for another four more years. Expect that the Republicans are going to fight you ever step of the way and remember, if they come into power, we are all screwed. Yes I mean we, even though I’m in the UK we have a Tory party which is the British version of the Republican party, the last thing we need is another one of those in both super powers. If that happens, I am going to start praying that China hurry up and takes over.

InWorldz Relay For Life: History Made.

Today marks the day that Relay For Life entered another world. For the last 7 years Relay For Life has been a part of Second Life. Today it as stepped into another world, the virtual world of InWorldz. Today History was made. More in the link.

InWorldz Relay For Life: History Made..

Relay For Life InWorldz Highlights: Why I Relay?

We have been working closely with Relay For Life, and promoting the battle against cancer.

Relay For Life InWorldz Highlights: Why I Relay?.